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MyGala v0.3 Walkthrough: Part 2 of 3

Welcome to part 2 of our MyGala v0.3 walk-through. We’ve added some amazing new features that make it easier than ever to plan a fundraising auction and make even more money for your school or non-profit!

In part 1 of the MyGala walkthrough, we talked about the MyGala dashboard, Master contact and company lists, and the event guest list.

The New Admin Area… continued

Auction Items and Packages

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The new MyGala interface gives you more item and package information at a glance. You can view and add donation restrictions, such as expiration dates and terms of use. All your donor information is visible from the item module, as well as from the package module. You can send email thank yous to your item donors with the click of a button or solicit donations from past donors. Your packages can now have multiple pictures, which lets your guests get a better idea of the items they’ll be bidding on at your event.

Event Sponsors

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Keep track of your event sponsors with the dedicated sponsors module. This section lets your keep track of your sponsor pledges and payments and more. Add any perks you’d like to keep track of and you can ensure all your sponsors get everything they’ve been promised. You can include a URL and logo for each of your sponsors, and set primary contacts for your records.

Event Management

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We’ve made it easier to manage all your event details, such as meal choices, ticket types, and event landing page. For those events that offer different types of tickets, such as early-bird pricing or tickets for a cocktail reception or VIP lounge, the new tickets area helps you limit purchases and set pricing. The event landing page module lets you create and edit your event landing page with a live preview alongside the edits panel.

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Email Templates

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We’ve also added an email templates section where you can modify each email that your guests receive, including thank you emails to your auction donors and ticket/ auction purchasers, auction item solicitations, and event marketing.

The New Volunteer Area

Streamlined Look

The new volunteer area has been updated to make it easier than ever for your volunteers to check guests in, enter auction purchases, check guests out, and manage item pick-ups.
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Lastly we’re going to show you a detailed walk-through of the Event Landing Page, so stay tuned for Part 3. In the meantime, check out our guided tour of the new MyGala on our homepage or Part 1 of our walkthrough. If you’re feeling extra anxious to get a sneak peek, contact us to schedule a free demo of MyGala!