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MyGala's cloud-based auction event software helps schools and non-profits organize and run their silent and live auction events. With affordable pricing and no hidden fees, we want to help you succeed! MyGala manages everything from ticket sales to auction solicitations, and from event marketing to day-of transactions. Events powered by MyGala provide seamless check-in, data-entry, check-out, and Will Call functionality on the day of your event. MyGala also helps track your guests, donated items, sellable packages, transactions, and payments.  MyGala makes "cleanup" easy by compiling your transactions and payments all in one place and provides detailed reports to examine your event's performance to help you find event successes and areas for growth.


Custom Event Page & Auction Preview

You can customize your own event landing page with pre-set templates including an event description, a ticket sales module, item donations, and sponsor spotlight. Also included is a dedicated auction preview area for guests to browse biddable packages available at your event. Guests can filter by price and category and even share their favorite items with friends to promote ticket sales!

Event Ticket Sales

MyGala now lets you sell tickets to your event within our app included in the purchase price! You can create different ticket types (including sponsor tickets), and post it on your event landing page. After you've approved the ticket purchase, guests will automatically be added to your guest module. All payments are processed using PayPal for your organization and your guests' ease of mind.

Item Donations & Organization

Guests can now submit item donations and pictures through your event landing page! As your items come in, you can track details such as donor contact information, pick up status, and market value. You can then mix-and-match those items as many times as you want to create sellable packages of one or more items with ease.

Guest & Contact Modules

MyGala now includes a master contact module to track all the people associated with your event, including guests, item donors, and sponsor company contacts. You can track contact information, view their purchases and event history. The guests module allows you to assign guests to specific groups, add meal choices, and create a seating chart with custom table names and numbers.

Speedy Check-In & Check-Out

With a streamlined check-in, check-out, and item pick up processes, MyGala helps create a better guest experience, reduces wait times, and helps you collect payments quicker. Your guests will feel like they are ALL getting the VIP treatment. And your volunteers will thank you for creating a more organized event experience.

Event Reports

Free analytics about your event's performance, allow you to quickly analyze your event's successes and areas with growth potential. Reports include package performance, guest participation, and even tracks last minute versus pre-paid ticket purchases to gauge the success of your marketing efforts.

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What our clients say

I just wanted to mention how impressed I was with this program when I saw it in use at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum gala a few months ago. I first noticed it even before the gala when I saw how they were able to highlight, and display not only their live auction items but even some of the silent auction items. I also saw how seamless the check-in and check-out process seemed to be. Overall, I was just very impressed with the Lindsay gala and feel that this program was a big part of what made it work.

I was very impressed with the gala and feel that this program was a big part of what made it work

Trudy T. - Event guest

I’ve been both a volunteer and participant in more than a few formals. Working with Bryan and MyGala during Lindsay’s Wildlife Gala, I have to admit was the best experience I’ve encountered as a volunteer during check-in. The process was flawless and swift; allowing our guests to obtain pertinent information such as table seating, meal choice and more importantly: their bidder number. MyGala kept the flow of our attendees moving in a forward direction with no wait. I look forward to using MyGala next year.

MyGala kept the flow of our attendees moving in a forward direction with no wait

Traci W. - Event Volunteer

I am on the board of directors at Lindsay Wildlife. My husband and I host an event at our restaurant at Va de Vi. When we first started doing the Va de Vi event Lindsay staff helped manage the auction items and check in and out of the event. It was unfortunately amateur and disorganized. People were annoyed trying to check into the event and worse checking out. Waiting is not what you want to be doing when you are all dressed up and are ready to party. Now in our 6th year of the Va de Vi event, we can thank MyGala for making our events a much more enjoyable experience. MyGala has made the experience of checking in and out of the events more tolerable. The program also helped inform the attendees of all the wonderful auction items so guests don’t miss out on the opportunities to bid. Last but not least the generation of email receipts so there isn’t a wait time and post event feedback so we can continue to improve the experience for our guests has been incredible!

We can thank MyGala for making our events a much more enjoyable experience

Nan W. - Lindsay Board of Directors

The MyGala software is an essential part of organizing and running a fundraising event with an auction, I can’t imagine trying to run any function without the software! It is easy and straightforward to use, and I like that there is nothing to download or install, I was able to bring in my laptop and start using MyGala right away.

MyGala software is an essential part of organizing and running a fundraising event with an auction

Mulan B. - Event Volunteer

Check in was amazing! MyGala was flawless! There were never any lines at the door. People just went straight to the check in table.

Check in was amazing! MyGala was flawless!

Anonymous Guest

I don’t want to do another event without MyGala. MyGala is extraordinary! When everything from check-in to reporting is covered, we have more time to focus on our happy guests.

I don’t want to do another event without MyGala

Dana E. - Event Coordinator
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Guided Tour

Event Set-up and Reports

Organize your event with MyGala's various modules including a guest module, donors area, items, sellable packages, and event details. After the event, check your reports for a detailed analysis of the night's successes and growth areas.

  • Your guest module includes contact details, companies, groups, table assignments, meal choices, and ticket types.

Public Event Landing Page

Market your event to your guests with a customized event landing page. Templates include in-app ticket sales, auction preview area, item donation submissions, custom text, and a sponsor spotlight.

  • Your guests can preview auction items from your event landing page. They can filter items by category, starting bid, buy-out option, or search by multi-item packages.

Day of the Event

Run a smooth event with a speedy check-in process, quick transaction data entry, and a streamlined check-out and item pick up process.

  • Access MyGala during your event from the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and a browser and you're good to go.

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