Why Does Everybody Love MyGala?

Check out some of the reasons why event guests, organizers, and non-profits love MyGala in the testimonials below. If you're not convinced, please contact us and we'll try to put you in touch with a current user, or organizer, from one of our recent events!

The Testimonials Speak For Themselves

MyGala was such a lifesaver! Last year, I spent the last two weeks leading up to our gala simply organizing items into packages, trying to figure out all the gaps in my data, and creating our bid sheets and displays. This year, I used MyGala to organize my items and actually finished organizing our packages with two weeks to spare. Because of the lead time, we had an incredible auction preview page that we were able to email to all our guests and use to promote ticket sales. I can't say enough good things- the upload function is very easy to use and the program offers you multiple ways to edit item, guest, or package details. It also helps you see where you might have some holes in your data. The item organization section is very intuitive and makes it easy to find specific items or packages. Because it was so easy to use, I was able to add new items/ packages up until the day of the gala. Once I was done with that portion of it, I simply exported the packages and was able to quickly merge them into word documents to create my bid sheets and displays.

As far as the guest organization, it was really easy to group people that want to sit together even before creating the tables and even if those people are not sharing a bid number. Later, when organizing tables, it was really easy to just pull groups in their entirety into a specific table or separate them into multiple tables. Because the tables have flexible names, it also makes it easier to name the tables different things to differentiate them until we actually knew what the specific table numbers would be.

After the event, the reporting function was a dream come true. We had always talked about developing reports based on all the data we collected during events, but had never gotten around to doing so. With MyGala's reports, we can see things such as: what groups or tables were the most active supporters, which packages did the best for us- both in terms of actual monetary value, as well as most number of bids, and how our sales were spread out across our guest list. I can't wait until next year's event so that we can use this data to inform our auction solicitations and ticket marketing efforts. Overall, I am so happy with the program!

Silvia S., Lindsay Wildlife Experience

I don't want to do another event without MyGala. MyGala is extraordinary! When everything from check-in to reporting is covered, we have more time to focus on our happy guests.
Dana E., Lindsay Wildlife Experience

The MyGala software is an essential part of organizing and running a fundraising event with an auction, I can't imagine trying to run any function without the software! It is easy and straightforward to use, and I like that there is nothing to download or install, I was able to bring in my laptop and start using MyGala right away.
Mulan B., Lindsay Wildlife Experience

I’ve been both a volunteer and participant in more than a few formals. Working with Bryan and MyGala during Lindsay’s Wildlife Gala, I have to admit was the best experience I’ve encountered as a volunteer during check-in. The process was flawless and swift; allowing our guests to obtain pertinent information such as table seating, meal choice and more importantly: their bidder number. MyGala kept the flow of our attendees moving in a forward direction with no wait. I look forward to using MyGala next year.
Traci W., Lindsay Wildlife Experience

Wow! Such a great job on displaying the gala auction items [in the MyGala auction preview page]! (And some super items, too.)
Julie R., Lindsay Wildlife Experience