Easy switch and log off button

Easy Admin/ Volunteer Switch

We know that when you’re working the night of the event, MyGala admin users often switch between the Admin area and Volunteer area. Although we’ve tried to make the Volunteer area as streamlined as possible, some day-of changes are unavoidable, such as last-minute seating changes and some double-checking of information. In the past, users had to log in every time they switched between the two. This was not ideal during a time when speed is of the essence.

We’ve heard your feedback and that’s why we’ve now made an easy¬†switch button on the top right of the screen to let you alternate between the Admin and Volunteer areas. This button allows you to automatically switch between the Admin and Volunteer areas without having to log in and out.

Additionally, we’ve now set up MyGala to remember when its users are logged in so that if you have to refresh the screen, the system no longer logs you out. If you’d like to switch users or log off for security concerns, we’ve added a log off button at the top right of the screen.

We’re constantly making updates to the MyGala program so it can better serve your needs. We always appreciate the feedback our users provide!

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